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Integrated system of input-output matrixes : 2013
The publication Integrated System of Input-Output Matrixes presents the matrixes for the Portuguese Economy, concerning the year 2013. Along with this publication, and also in the website of Statistics Portugal (in the section dedicated to National Accounts), it is made available the full set of ...

Issue year: 2017

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Satellite account for social economy : 2010
This publication presents the results of the pilot project of the Satellite Account for Social Economy (SASE) for the year 2010 and the survey on Volunteer Work for 2012. The characterization of Social Economy sector in Portugal was based on the analysis, by type of activity, of the number of ...

Issue year: 2013

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Real gross domestic product per capita (Annual growth rate - Base 2016 - %); Annual 02-03-2024 Portugal
Agricultural export subsidies (€); Annual 02-03-2024 Portugal
Real gross domestic product per full-time equivalent employment (Annual growth rate - Base 2016 - %); Annual 02-03-2024 Portugal
Manufacturing value added as a proportion of GDP (%); Annual 02-03-2024 Portugal
Proportion of total government spending on essential services (education, health and social protection) (%); Annual 02-03-2024 Portugal