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Providing weekly summary of some of the most relevant statistical results released to monitor the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Statistics Portugal has a wide range of statistical microdata databases for research purposes available for the scientific community and for accredited researchers.

The available databases cover several statistical domains and their relevance may allow studies and further assessment of the economic and social impact of the pandemic.

Information nº4, 07 January 2021

In the context of the current public health situation of COVID-19 pandemic, and following related ministerial diplomas, Statistics Portugal informs that most of its personnel are still working from home temporarily, and that albeit the actual circumstances all efforts are being made to fulfil its mission to produce and disseminate quality official statistics. Keeping society informed accomplishing its activities plan for 2021 will be its main challenge.

Data collection will be carried out mainly by telephone and internet. For some surveys and only in the cases where data collection is not possible by these means, face to face interviews were resumed following a strict health security protocol established by the national health authorities specifically for this activity.

The year 2021 will be marked by the population and housing census whose data collection starts in April and will be performed predominantly via internet. Face-to-face contacts with the population, whenever necessary, will be made based on a specific public health security protocol for this purpose, within the scope of the 2021 Census Program Contingency Plan.

Support to users of statistical information and to respondents is being conducted predominantly by internet and telephone, using the usual channels.

Whenever necessary support or reception of users or other citizens in Statistics Portugal premisses is undertaken by means of a pre-schedule arrangement, following the security and health action plan in place in Statistics Portugal within the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the circumstances, Statistics Portugal will maintain the statistical production and release calendar, as published in the official statistics website, although some adjustments might occur associated with the continuous impact of the pandemic in obtaining primary information, to which we ask the understating of both citizens and the media. Any changes will be duly announced in the release calendar.